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Individual therapy & massages

Therapy and Massages

Cinnamon Against Cellulite 75 min / 1400 CZK (when buying 10 procedures 1200 CZK)

Cinnamon wrap is very effective and after the cinnamon scented procedure that helps in shaping the figure and against cellulite. At the application site, the cream heats the affected areas heavily, and stimulates metabolism by in-depth massage, which promotes fat breakdown and removes excess water from the tissues.


Granny´s winter care  90 min / 1490 CZK

Healing massage with lava stones with essential oils supplemented with a whole body peeling. This procedure will stimulate blood circulation, warm up muscles and help dissolve blocks caused by stress and tension.

Caution: therapy is not suitable for pregnant women, people with high blood pressure and varicose veins.


1995 CZK 120 min / 90 min 1610 CZK



Classical massage

Full body massage is designed to alleviate fatigue, to relax and achieve balance; It involves the entire body and uses various types of stretching, manipulation of muscles, gentle massage, and kneading techniques to increase joint mobility.


Deep tissue massage

Revitalizing and energizing massage using a special blend of essential oils and deep relaxation techniques. Focusing on the specific parts of the body, which most often occurs tensions and relaxes stiff and tired muscles.


Hot Stone Massage

Therapeutic massage uses deep penetrating heat of lava stones, which penetrates in depth and thus promotes blood circulation, relaxes muscles and dissolves stress.


Energetic massage of 7 elements

 Deeply relaxing procedure created individually for each client. Your therapist will determine the combination of massage techniques to suit just your needs and you evoke a unique experience. Gentle, nurturing massage using the healing power of sound and harmonize the chakras to awaken. It balances the rhythm of the body and restores balance. This soothing treatment is ideal for those who feel emotionally exhausted, and thanks to the action on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system has a deeply relaxing effect.


Aromatherapy massage

It uses a combination of human touch, massage and healing effects of herbs. In combination with massages Marma points, chakras, reflexology, head, feet and hands in terms of unique deep treatment that relieves blockages in the body and creates a feeling of inner peace and balance.


Lymphatic massage

A special kind of subtle techniques to support the correct lymph flow in the body. Good lymphatic flow ensures optimal distribution of nutrients and fluids management ensures flush out toxins from your body. Cleansing lymph results in an increase of immunity, promotes detoxification processes in the body, removes excessive water retention and edema. A beneficial effect on the psyche. It is irreplaceable in the treatment of cellulite.


Deep relaxation massage

Deeply relaxing massage with precious oils. The therapist uses elements šiatsu, reflexology, and hot stone massage. At your request, therapist, among others, may in general include massage massage problematic areas, taking advantage of the beneficial effects of honey on the skin, and generally contributes to detoxify the body.


Pregnancy Massage
Relaxing back, lumbar and cervical spine massage for pregnant women. Massage is performed in lying on the side and in the sitting.


Chiropractic facial and hair head massage combined with soft joints to relieve stress, muscle tension and spinal blockage.


Chocolate massage
Procedure beneficial to smoothing and skinning, removing cellulite, getting good mood, flushing toxic substances and relaxing stiff muscles. It has a beneficial effect on heart activity and detoxification.


Sports and reconditioning massage
A sport massage is a set of appropriate massage tips to help the athlete get rid of fatigue or prepare him for full exercise.


Cosmetic treatment Dr. Hauschka 120 min / 1800 CZK

Babiččina Péče, in cooperation with Dr. Hauschka Czech Republic offers a new cosmetic treatment for you.

Cosmetic treatment Dr. Hauschka begins with fragrant bathing of her legs. The stress of the day is relaxed in warm and careful care dissolving worries. The hands of the beautician touch you with rhythmically sensitive movements. The real heart of this care is lymphatic stimulation, performed by fine strokes of the brushes and the palms. It stimulates the processes of the lymph flow in the tissues of our body and thus stimulates regeneration and healing processes of body. Depleting accumulated harmful substances, helping to excrete, and thus strengthening the immune system. An integral part of this treatment is cleaning and intensive skin care using natural cosmetics by Dr. Hauschka and detailed advice on how to take care of yourself. Classic treatment by Dr. Hauschka leads to a deep relaxation and leaves a feeling of complete flow in our body, a feeling of light, brightness, lightness and inner balance.


Relaxation procedures

Honey massage

Facial massage with lava stones

Detoxifying and harmonizing bath / full body scrub of your choice

Baths and scrubs serve as a supplement to massages and relaxation treatments are included.

Essential information:

AFTER YOUR TREATMENT: It is very important to drink a lot of water before and after yout treatment. Time to Relax, as this will help to ensure that you experience the full benefits of your treatment.  

ARRIVAL: Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. This will allow ustime to create your own unique treatment whilst you Relax with a soothing cup of tea before your treatment. Treatments will start and finish on time in order not to inconvenience the next guest.

PRECAUTIONS: Please notify us if you are pregnant or if you have any disabilities or physical ailments such as high blood pressure or heart conditions.

SERVICES: A towel, bathrobe and slippers are provided for your comfot upon arrival. Our changing rooms are fully equipped with hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Safety boxes are provided in changing rooms. Please note that Babiččina Péče cannot assume liability for items in safety boxes.

ORDER PROCEDURES: We recommend appointments are booked several days in advance so that we can accommodate your needs.   

ETIQUETTE: We respectfully request that you leave your pagers and mobile phones turned off to preserve our tranquil environment. Babiččina Péče is a smoke-free and alcohol-free environment. The management reserves the right to refuse access to anyone whose behavior may disturb or endanger other guests at Babiččina Péče or its surrounding areas.

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