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Excercises, meditation & dance

Power Yoga each Wednesday from 7.00 pm

Pilates each Thursday from 6.00 pm   

Spontaneous afro-latino dance each Thursday from 7.00 pm 

Kundalini Yoga each Friday from 10.30 am

Ashtanga Yoga each Wednesday and Friday from 8.45 am, each Sunday from 7.30 pm

Price is  200 CZK per session, if 10 sessions are pre-paid price per session is 180 CZK (valid only for Power Yoga, Spontaneous dance and Kundalini Yoga; other exercises paid directly lecturer)

Please always book the session in advance


Kundalini Yoga with Marta

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient science that combines exercise, breathing, meditation and sound. The combination of these techniques helps to relax, strengthen and heal the body, mind and spirit. Kundalini Yoga is designed for individuals and whole families who live and work in today's fast-paced society full of stress. This yoga will help you to have clear mind, vitality and healthy life through self-discovery of your limitless creative potential, or the Kundalini, how it is called, which lies dormant in all of us.

What does Kundalini Yoga

It gives energy and vitality, helps to relax the mind & body
It releases stress, habits, depression & insomnia
Helps back pain, sexual disfunction & neurosis
Strengthens the immune and nervous system
Balances metabolism, digestion (weight control)
Increases circulation and purifies the blood
It strengthens the muscles and gives flexibility
Physical and mental anti-aging effects

Regardless of age and physical condition you can benefit from the effects of this sacred science. After the first exercise you can feel the effects of yoga - a sense of health, well-being and happiness. Regular exercise you will get to know more of yourselves, your abilities, you will become more enjoyable and more vibrant with a sense of youthfulness.

200 CZK per lesson, if 10 sessions are is pre-paid, the price per lesson is 180 CZK


Power Yoga with Frida

The Power Yoga comes from the Hatha Yoga. Yoga positions along with deep and regular breathing lead to conscious body control, mental and physical relaxation. During exercise, concentration, muscular strengthening and then stretching and relaxation is achieved.

Power Yoga harmoniously develops both the physical condition of man and his mental side.

Is focused on:

     improving flexibility in all areas
     muscle stretching
     the correct functioning of all organs in the body
     shaping the character by slimming
     removal of subcutaneous fat
     activating the energy of the whole body
     removal of psychic blocks
     relaxation and relaxation
     improving concentration

200 CZK per lesson, if 10 sessions are is pre-paid, the price per lesson is 180 CZK


Ashtanga Yoga with Katka

Ashtanga Yoga is one of the most widespread forms of yoga in the Western world, and also physically the most demanding. The positions are continuously linked to one another, a lot of attention is paid to breathing. This form of yoga is popular with people looking for higher physical activity.

250 CZK per lesson


Dance for Joy with Lada

Exercise to strengthen female vitality. Stretching, relaxing and working with the main stabilization system. This exercise will surely lift your mood!

200 CZK per lesson, if 10 sessions are pre-paid, the price per lesson is 180 CZK


Pilates with Lada

Pilates is a combination of body and mind, it is a workout that greatly affects the life of anyone who is long-term in the exercise, not only physically, but also has an effect on the human psyche. It improves concentration, coordination, this exercise can tune well-being.

100 CZK per lesson, 10 sessions are pre-paid, the price per lesson is 90 CZK


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